Our Services

Today there are many different ways that we can help create a personalised funeral service that suits the deceased person’s individuality. We’ll begin by listening to your thoughts and ideas about the funeral, then we’ll carefully guide you through the various options and practical arrangements that will give you the special, unique and worry-free day that you deserve.

Adding that personal touch

To help introduce you to some of the available options, we’ve touched on a couple of the most popular ‘personal touches’ here.

Choosing a favourite song or a particular kind of music for the service is one way of making the funeral more personal. Readings and eulogies are another opportunity to capture the deceased’s personality and character.

Sometimes it’s comforting to choose an overall theme for the funeral, particularly if the deceased person had a special hobby or interest with which they’re associated. Using the colours of a favourite sports team is a popular way to carry a theme.
Try to remember that there is no right and wrong way to make a funeral special, but it’s something worth giving careful consideration and consultation. The way you mark the day can have a profound and lasting effect, and making the appropriate choices now can help give comfort to loved ones for many years to come.

Over the years we’ve been asked to arrange special touches for a number of funerals, and these include:

  • Doves

  • The scattering of ashes
  • Adorning private cars with black flags

  • Balloons
  • Personalised memorial cards

  • Producing service stationery