Frequently asked questions


Who inserts the newspaper acknowledgement after the funeral?2017-09-17T12:17:12+00:00

This is usually the family, but we can help if you’d like us to.

How can we pay the balance?2017-09-17T12:16:48+00:00

We accept cheques, credit/debit cards, cash or BACS – whatever is easiest for you.

When will you send us the final invoice?2017-09-17T12:16:18+00:00

You will receive the final invoice 7 days after the funeral.

Can you fit a wheelchair in your boot?2017-09-17T12:15:59+00:00

Yes we can, please just ask one of the team.

Will the person taking the funeral service contact us?2017-09-17T12:15:39+00:00

Yes, we will provide them with your contact details.

Can we view the deceased at the chapel of rest?2017-09-17T12:15:12+00:00

Yes, you are more than welcome to. However, please ring for our opening hours and to book an appointment.

Can family members carry the coffin?2017-09-17T12:14:49+00:00

Yes, but they must be aware of the health and safety risks.

Do the staff carry the coffin on their shoulders, or do they use a chrome wheel bier?2017-09-17T12:14:23+00:00

Due to health and safety requirements we do not carry coffins on our shoulders, we use a wheel bier.

Will the limousine wait for us during the funeral reception?2017-09-17T12:13:59+00:00

Unfortunately no, but we can arrange alternative transport should you require it.

Will the limousine take us to the funeral reception or back home?2017-09-17T12:13:33+00:00

The limousine can take you back to a mutually agreed destination.

How many people can travel in a limousine?2017-09-17T12:09:33+00:00

The maximum you can have in a limousine is six