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Direct Cremation Package

There comes a time in everyone’s life when putting measures in place for the inevitable is simply a sensible precaution to protect the ones you love. If you decide this is something you would like to do then R.J. Burgess can help.

At R.J. Burgess we understand what it means to plan your own funeral and what courage it takes. That’s why we go the extra mile to make sure everyone who comes to see us to discuss future funeral arrangements is looked after sensitively and with the compassionate professionalism that has become a hallmark of our business.
Funeral plans are a secure way to pay for a funeral directors services and ensure that when the time comes, loved ones are not left with a large bill to pay or difficult decisions to make.

Our funeral plans are completely secure as all payments are deposited into Ecclesiastical Planning Services, a national trust fund independent to R.J. Burgess or any individual funeral director. It is the return on investment from this fund that enables us to provide our services, which may not be needed for many years to come, at today’s prices.
Having served people in the Normanton area for generations, we know our community and our industry. We are proud to offer funeral plans made and priced locally.

The benefits of a funeral plan from R.J. Burgess include:

  • Completion of all legal documentation
  • Removal of the deceased to a suitable resting place allowing 10 running miles within normal hours
  • Provision of simple coffin with fittings
  • Conveyance direct to a local crematorium without a service*
  • Providing necessary staff

  • No viewing of the deceased

  • Full payment in advance will be required for this Direct Crematorium Package